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  • The Science Learning Hub contains over 11,000 resources created to support New Zealand science teachers, students and the wider community.

    This article contains short videos of the Science Learning Hub team sharing how you can get the most out of our website. You may want to watch the videos all together, or dip in and out of the different topics depending on your needs. Whatever you choose, know that the Hub team is here to help.

    The home page and more

    If you are new to the Hub our Homepage is a great place to start. Discover how to sign in, find resources that are trending and how you can get in touch with us.

    The Science Learning Hub home page

    In this video Vanya shows us around the Science Learning Hub home page highlighting a range of useful features.

    Finding resources

    The Science Learning Hub website has a range of ways you can find what you are looking for. Watch this short video so you can become a super efficient searcher.

    Searching on the Science Learning Hub

    Here Andrea shows us how to sift and sort through Hub resources so you can quickly find just what you are looking for.

    Types of resources

    Our articles can contain a variety of resources and media. Learn about the different kinds and get some tips on how you might use them in your planning.

    Types of resources on the Science Learning Hub

    Join Angela as she unpacks the different types of resources you might find on the Science Learning Hub.

    Professional Learning Development

    Our Professional Learning Development – PLD section contains a wealth of resources to support planning and teaching science. Learn from other teachers and grow your confidence teaching science.

    Professional Learning Development on the Science Learning Hub

    Discover more about the Science Learning Hub’s Professional Learning Development section and what you might discover there.

    See the article Introducing our PLD for more about what the Hub has to offer.

    Collection tool

    The Hub has a collections tool to sort and classify resources. Discover how you could use the tool for your own planning. In the video below find out how to create collections, add notes (including private and public views), collaborate with others, share public collections and more.

    The collections tool

    In this handy how-to video, learn how to make the most of the Science Learning Hub’s collection tool for your classroom planning. We cover creating collections, the note functions, collaboration, sharing and more.

    Select here to view video transcript and copyright information.

    Citizen science

    Citizen science can provide authentic opportunities for students to engage in real science. This video helps you to find a variety of related resources on the Science Learning Hub.

    The Citizen science section on the Science Learning Hub

    Join Cathy as she highlights important ideas about the exciting area of Citizen Science.

    Social media

    The Science Learning Hub prides itself on connecting the education and science communities and social media plays an import part in this. Learn about the different platforms and what we offer.

    Social media and the Science Learning Hub

    In this video Rachel describes the many ways that the Hub can support teachers through our various social media platforms.

    Find out more in The Hub and social media: How can we help?

    Related content

    The article Introducing our PLD explains the various components the Hub has to offer – from webinars, planning and pedagogy to PLD certification.

    Watch our latest webinar What does the hub look like in the classroom? demonstrates what it looks like to plan using the Hub and how you might adapt resources for your students.

    The webinar Science support at your fingertips gives you an overview of the site's capabilities such as Google classroom accessibility, our glossary and the collections tool..

    The article The Hub and social media: How can we help? is full of useful information.

    Discover why we curate resources by topics and concepts in this PLD article Science topics and science concepts.

    The Hub's glossary feature gives easy access to terms and definitions useful in scaffolding science education. This resource gives some extra tips for its use.

    Strengthening science learning highlights common themes from Te Tari Arotake Mātauranga Education Review Office 2021 science reports and suggests resources to support effective science teaching and learning.

    Remember in the footer we have more links, for example to our Help page, Contact us and Copyright information.

    If you have any questions or would like some help, please do get in touch.

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    The Hub's team

    Curious, creative, can-do communicators – the Science Learning Hub team bring a passion for science and education together to share the stories of New Zealand science with school teachers and students across Aotearoa – and the world!

    Find out more on our About page.

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